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Jean-Pierre Bourgin Institute (IJPB, UMR1318 INRA/AgroParisTech)

Jean-Pierre Bourgin Institute (IJPB, UMR1318 INRA/AgroParisTech)

Ranked the number one agricultural institute in Europe and number two in the world, INRA carries out mission-oriented research for high-quality and healthy foods, competitive and sustainable agriculture and a preserved and valorised environment. INRA-France has been recently ranked top 6 of institutions worldwide based on the number of highly cited papers in plant science. AgroParisTech has been created in 2007 by the merger of three high engineers schools of the Paris Region (INA P-G, ENREF, ENSIA). With 2000 students, 500 PhD-Students, 230 associated professors and 300 researchers divided about thirty research units covering a wide spectrum of topics, AgroParisTech is the biggest European school in the field of life sciences and technology. The AgroParisTech research unit of “Plant Physiology” is associated with an INRA unit, the Jean-Pierre Bourgin Institute (IJPB, UMR1318 INRA / AgroParisTech). IJPB is one of the largest research centers in Plant Sciences in Europe (over 300 personnel working on plant biology). It gathers a unique ensemble of experimental resources and pluridisciplinary expertise in biology, chemistry and mathematics. IJPB belongs to the Laboratory of excellence "Saclay Plant Sciences" (LabEx SPS), which was selected by an international jury as part of the French "investments for the future" excellence initiative. Current research activities in IJPB are divided into five main topics:
  • Morphogenesis, signaling, modeling
  • Dynamics and Expression of the Genome
  • Adaptation of Plants to the Environment
  • Plant cell wall, function and utilization
  • Reproduction and seeds
Through a large number of high quality publications IJPB currently enjoyed an international appreciation. This institute is a very active and dynamic structure in the seed biology investigation particularly in the "Reproduction and Seeds" department which consists of 5 research groups: 
Seed proteomic investigations are mainly carried by Dr. Loïc Rajjou within the group "Physiology of seed germination" and the protein biochemistry platform of IJPB.

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