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Seed dormancy proteins

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Proteomic data of seed dormancy availaible in both Chibani et al, 2006 and Arc et al, 2012 will be presented on this website in the upcoming weeks


Arc E, Chibani K, Grappin P, Jullien M, Godin B, Cueff G, Valot B, Balliau T, Job D, Rajjou L (2012) Cold stratification and exogenous nitrates entail similar functional proteome adjustments during Arabidopsis seed dormancy release. J Proteome Res, 11:5418-5432.


Chibani K, Ali-Rachedi S, Job C, Job D, Jullien M, Grappin P (2006) Proteomic analysis of seed dormancy in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology 142, 1493-1510.


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